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  • I live in The greatest city, New York City.
  • My occupation is I'm a pro at everything I do.
  • I am The most epic man alive.

Thank you for choosing Chris6d. Whatever you need, he will help.

Welcome to the user page of Chris6d.

Any wiki that has Chris6d is lucky. He will straighten up any wiki and get it back in line with the universe. This wiki is clearly not in line with the universe, but with Chris6d, DEDSEC Wiki will shine, shine like it has never shone BE-4. Belch.

Chris6d has been around for as long as you can remember. He never starts fights but always finishes them, and will finish you if you sux. He owns Chris6dFilms and his latest movie is Invincible, which made $1.7 billion. He is bae and the amount of women in this world that love him is too great to count. He is intelligent, hilarious, and downright epic.

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