This fine wiki is managed by two admins, who help keep this wiki in tip-top shape. The wiki is not in need of new admins or patrollers at this time.

What do these users do?Edit

First off, what do these users do? What makes them different from standard users?


Administrators (Admins for short) can protect and delete pages, as well as block/unblock users, ban them from chat, and revert edits with a single click (rollback). Admins have these abilities to protect the wiki. Bureaucrats are the same as admins, however, only bureaucrats can promote/demote users. The founder of a wiki is automatically given bureaucrat status.

Who are the wiki's admins?
User Position Status Founder?
AndreyFD Bureaucrat Active Yes
Chris6d Administrator Active No


Patrollers are users that are given the rollback feature, so they can revert edits in a single click if necessary. These users can also close/remove threads, highlight threads, and ban users from chat ONLY. As of now, there are no patrollers on this wiki, but the position is NOT open at this time. We will not accept applications for Patroller or Admin.


Any questions? If so, please contact an administrator and they will answer. Thank you, and stay SekC.

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